Back-up power systems


Secu-Flow is a new product of Secu-Batt.The big difference between Secu-Batt and Secu-Flow units is that the Secu-Batt  is used for any kind of electrical device,such as pumps/heaters/fridges,extraction systems etc.  

The Secu-Flow is purely and only a back-up extraction system.It can operate active and passive,which means that,once installed in the desired area,it extracts when there is power available and also after a powerfailure,or it only starts to extract when the power is stopped.That can be adjusted manually on the unit.You just need to put a 100 mm  hose and filter(minimum 400 m3) on the unit and put it on the amount of days that it keeps on operating after a powerfailure.options are 1,2,3,5,7 days,the higher the amount of days,the less strong the extraction will be.Just test it in your personal situation what is the best adjustment.Also there is a voltage meter so you can see what is the status of the battery.You can also use the Secu-Flow as a mobile extraction device,handy when you need to work in a enviroment where you can not have any odor nuisance but when there is no power.Just put the unit there and you have a perfect enviroment to work,without any smell.

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