Back-up power systems


Secu-Flow is a new product of Secu-Batt,especially designed for the chemical industry,or (medical or petrochemical)laboratory's,to be sure that the air quality is always fresh and clean. 

The Secu-Flow is purely and only a back-up extraction system.It can operate active and passive,which means that,once installed in the desired area,it extracts when there is power available and also after a powerfailure,or it only starts to extract when the power is stopped.That can be adjusted manually on the unit.If the extracted chemical air needs to be filtered of any chemical elements you just need to put a 100 mm  hose and filter(minimum 400 m3) on the unit and put it on the amount of days that it keeps on operating after a powerfailure.options are 1,2,3,5,7 days,the higher the amount of days,the less strong the extraction will be.Just test it in your personal situation what is the best adjustment.Also there is a voltage meter so you can see what is the status of the battery.

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