Back-up power systems


We sell solutions to protect your electrical systems in case there is a powerfailure.In every country there is a possibility of a powerfailure,which can have dramatic consequenses.Secubatt is a patented back-up power system which,in case of a powerfailure,automatically switches to back-up power,and optional,send a text message to your mobile telephone so in case you are not at home or at your business,you know about the powerfailure, and you are asured that systems which cannot be without power will continue to operate,examples or devices are: ,aquarium/terrarium pumps and heaters/fridges/lightning/freezers/computers  etc. etc.

Installation is very easy!Just plug the device that you want protected in the Secubatt unit and plug the Secubatt  unit in the socket in your home.Optional you can add a GSM alarm which sends a text message in case of a powerfailure.Depending of the battery which is connected,the power can be taken over for days.Check out the section "our products" to find more information and prices!

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