Back-up power systems



Here is a list of the Secubatt unit's,technical data and optional acc.

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Secubatt 750 unit the Secubatt unit is sold without a battery,this needs to be purchased by the client itself.The continuous Wattage that can be delivered is 750W ,the peak Wattage is 1500 W.For the best result the battery needs to be between 50-120 Ah and type =semi-traction.The higher the Ah,the longer the Secubatt will work as back-up.

Secubatt 1250 unit:  same technique as the 750 unit,except power:1250W continuous/2500Wpeak power

-(1)50/60 Ah for low powered devices  click >                                

-(1)80 Ah for low/medium powered devices  click >                      

-(2)100/120 Ah for medium/high powered devices  click >          

-(2)130/180 Ah for high powered devices  click>                            


Alarmunit:  optional you can purchase a complete alarmunit,including cell-phone warning.This needs to be installed combined with the Secubatt unit.In case of a powerfailure the system will send you a sms so you know about the powerfailure,and the power is also continued by the Secubatt off course.This is wise when you are not often present on the place where the Secubatt is placed.Also in the alarmset is a P.I.R. and a magnetcontact,as well as 2 remote controls,so you also can create a alarmsystem to protect your goods!


(1)recommended for model 750


(2)recommended for model 1250